"Your team for success on the web!"

- PostingPlace.com Team

Who we are

We’re proud to be a Montana based company, bringing the latest technology to all businesses, including rural ones.  Our highly skilled team has years of experience helping businesses make their business objectives reality.  We’re not just a web solutions provider, we’re your partner.

Our Services

The PostingPlace.com Team prides themselves on a hands on approach to ensuring the success of your business on the web.

Beyond just a hosting service — Normal cut rate hosting companies may provide a wizard or boilerplate web design.

With PostingPlace.com, we are with you for every step of the process.

If your needs go beyond the web, CyberSavvy provides custom software solutions to manage any business technology need.

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Contact Us

PostingPlace.com is a CyberSavvy.NET LLC endeavor aimed at solving the web presence needs of our customers.

Please call us anytime: (888) 534-5119
Email:  stickit@postingplace.com

For technical support please email support